Iris Professional Photo Booth

FREE professional photos for current enrolled students, provided by Career and Professional Development and Student Government Association

Use these photos for your LinkedIn profile, your Handshake profile, and other professional purposes.


As long as the student center is open, you can access the Headshot booth.

Headshots are absolutely FREE to CAU Students!

The Iris professional photo booth is self-service and wheelchair accessible. Staff are available to assist you if needed.

If you need assistance or accommodation to use the Iris professional photo booth, please contact Career Development at 404-880-6701.

The headshot booth is wheelchair accessible.

Once you enter the booth, the process should take about five to seven minutes

Arrive, ready and wearing your professional attire. Sit, scan QR code and SMILE!

The booth will take a series of three photos during your session. You must have all three photos taken during your session in order for the photos to be saved properly in the system.

Your photos will be emailed to you immediately after your session.

Yes. While you are in the photo booth, you will have the option to retake your photos and/or edit them as needed. Editing includes teeth whitening, blemish removal, skin softening, etc.

You can do further edits after your session: Your photos are emailed to you, so you can download and edit them.

There is currently no limit to how many times a student may schedule an appointment to use the Iris professional photo booth.

Dress professionally, and be aware the portrait will not include your lower body, so you can dress accordingly.

Professional attire generally means a dark-colored suit and solid-colored shirt or blouse.

It’s fine to wear a white shirt/blouse under a dark jacket. But avoid wearing white as your outer layer (white jacket, or white shirt/blouse without a dark jacket over it). Why? The portrait background is light, so a white outer layer might not give sufficient contrast.