Spring break is a perfect opportunity for spending quality time with family, enjoying holiday festivities, and reflecting on your achievements from the past year. If you’re feeling like you haven’t reached all your career goals, there’s no need to stress – now is an ideal moment to utilize the downtime and focus on your job or internship search. Even though campus and online activities might slow down, there are still actionable steps you can take to advance towards your objectives and set the stage for a successful new year ahead.

Get Reacquainted with Handshake

You may already know that Handshake has thousands of job and internship posting from employers who want to hire Clark Atlanta students. But do you know how to make yourself stand out as an applicant. Start by updating your Handshake profile – a complete, updated profile makes you 5x more likely to be messaged by a recruiter (1).
Start with the basics:

  • the type of job you’re looking for (internship, full-time, or part-time)
  • the location where you want to work
  • the industry and types of roles you are interested in

From there, you will see more relevant opportunities and can add more about your experience and skills. And if you’re feeling up to a challenge, try the 10-Day Handshake Profile Challenge to really take it to the next level.

Polish Your Resume with Quinncia

One piece of career advice that is true all year round is that you should be updating your resume. Having a document that shows off your activities and achievements and is tailored to the types of roles you want will ensure that you are ready when opportunity comes knocking. Quinncia is available to Morehouse students so that you can upload your resume and receive feedback about how to improve it. Get started with a resume review now.

Identify Your Next Step with Focus 2

As one year transitions into the next, many people use this time to reflect and make resolutions for the future. If you are feeling unsure about what to do next in your career journey or are trying to identify a path to follow, the Focus 2 assessment may be right for you. Answer questions about yourself and your interests and receive recommendations for career areas to explore. Morehouse students can login or sign up here to access the Focus 2. Once you return to campus, consider meeting with a career coach to discuss your results and create an action plan for the spring semester.

(1) Completed Handshake profiles can get students hired

By Ashley Hopkins
Ashley Hopkins