2025 Fashion Scholarship Fund Case Study Scholarship Competition

On behalf of the FSF Scholarship Committee, we are pleased to share with you that the 2025 FSF Case Studies are now available and may bedistributed to students interested in competing for the FSF and “Post-Modern” Scholarships.   

The general topic for the 2025 Case Study Scholarship Competition is “The Intersection of Digital Technology and Fashion”.  Across disciplines, students are asked to consider what advanced digital technologies mean for the fashion industry (e.g., AI, AR, big data).  This year, students may select a brand OR retailer.  It is still suggested that applicants choose a publicly traded company.  

Applicants must use the Wizehive portal link to submit their completed case studies by October 14, 2024. 

We encourage students to complete the Applicant Profile on Wizehive as soon as possible so that we may inform applicants of the ways in which FSF offers Case Study Support:

  1. FSF Summer Scholar Series:  ten weeks of virtual master classes and workforce preparedness sessions.  Four of the workforce preparedness sessions focus on the four case study disciplines with helpful tips from the FSF Case Study Author and an FSF Alumnus.
  2. Summer FSF Case Study Q&A Sessions:  applicants may attend the weekly virtual sessions to ask questions and receive guidance on the case studies and drafting process.
  3. Alumni Case Study Mentors:  1:1 mentoring by an FSF Alumni who previously competed for the FSF Scholarship competition.
By Kendra [uConnect]
Kendra [uConnect]