The Vault Guide to Resumes and Job-Hunting Skills, Third Edition

A proper résumé and effective job-hunting skills can go a long way in getting a foot in the door. An invaluable handbook for those looking to improve their ability to find a job, The Vault Guide to Résumés and Job-Hunting Skills, Second Edition covers all the essential elements of the job-hunting process—from finding a career track that matches one’s needs and interests to organizing and writing a résumé and cover letter to getting and conducting successful job interviews.

This updated edition features new sample cover letters and résumés, plus expanded coverage of putting your résumé online, using LinkedIn, submitting cover letters and résumés electronically, managing social media, and navigating remote interviews and networking.

Coverage includes:

  • Looking for a job and career: self-assessment, the basics of job searching, looking beyond the classifieds, and getting organized
  • Writing a résumé: the purpose of a résumé, a step-by-step guide to preparing a résumé, and different types of résumés such as chronological, functional, and combined résumés
  • Writing a cover letter: the function of a cover letter, common mistakes to avoid, and different types of cover letters such as broadcast letters and personal letters
  • Interviewing: what to expect and what to accomplish, communication techniques, dressing right, fielding and asking questions, and following up.

The perfect guide for those looking to improve their résumé or find the right job, The Vault Guide to Résumés and Job-Hunting Skills, Third Edition is packed with authoritative, up-to-date information.

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