Clark Atlanta University Announces the Resounding Return of the Music Education Major Since 2005, Igniting a New Era of Musical Excellence in 2024

Clark Atlanta University (CAU) proudly announces the relaunch of its esteemed Music Education major, marking a triumphant return after a hiatus since 2005. Rooted in a legacy of academic distinction and cultural enrichment, CAU is steadfast in its commitment to providing a transformative education, with a renewed focus on nurturing the next generation of musical innovators and educators. 

With a rich history dating back over three decades, Clark Atlanta University has been a beacon of excellence in arts and education. The revival of the Music Education major reflects CAU’s dedication to honoring its past while embracing the opportunities of the future. Music has always been a part of CAU’s identity, and this relaunch reaffirms the university’s enduring commitment to fostering creativity, scholarship, and community engagement through the transformative power of music. 

The Department of Music celebrates this pivotal moment in CAU’s history as it proudly reintroduces the Music Education major.  “Music is a universal language that transcends time, strengthens bonds and inspires greatness.” said Phil Davis, CAU’s newly named Chair of the Music Department.  

This renewed program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and passion to excel as music educators and advocates for the arts in our communities. 

By Clark Atlanta University Career and Professional Development
Clark Atlanta University Career and Professional Development